Vector - The New Home Robot by anki

Vector - The New Home Robot by anki

PRICE: $ 249.99

Vector - The New Home Robot by anki

PRICE: $249.99
04 September 2019

Give your children the perfect moment to explore, organize, and express the creativity of their ideas by making use of the Vector Robot device. The Vector robot is a new home robot friend which brings a lot of excitement to those who love to have fun. The Vector Robot makes use of Artificial Intelligence which enables it to express hundreds of emotions, recognize you, and remember your name.

The Vector robot can be guided to go places, prompt him to greet people and pets and use its lift to move his Cubes around. This amazing robot brings you and your kids endless open-ended fun. The Vector Robot can nudge you to play and keep you constantly surprised. The Vector Robot’s big brain and even bigger personality operate with an impressive technology which enables it to do anything from performing a dance, sneezing, or playing hot potato with his Cubes.

IncludesVector, Charger, Cube
Need at HomeCompatible Device,
 2.4 GHz Compatible WiFi Router,
USB Power Adapter 5V, 1A or greater
IntegratedHD Camera, Four-Microphone Array,
Touch Sensors, Accelerometer,
Processor with Cloud Connectivity,
Voice, Self-Charge
InteractionsThrough Sight, Sound and Touch