Evo - The Social Coding Robot by Ozobot

Evo - The Social Coding Robot by Ozobot

PRICE: $ 100.00

Evo - The Social Coding Robot by Ozobot

PRICE: $100.00
30 May 2019

An award-winning tiny robot by Ozobot, that inspires creativity in young minds while teaching basic coding principles. Learning how to program is fundamental for children's preparation for the digital future as robots continue to evolve, and Evo just does this. This small and smart robot can be coded without using a screen, by exploiting its optical sensors to follow lines that you draw on paper using optical markers (in red, blue, green or black color) or stickers. Specific color patterns inform Evo what to do, thanks to a patterned color-coded programming language designed by Ozobot. Alternatively, Evo can be connected to Ozoblocky, a block-based programming language application that allows you to create your own code and teach Evo your own new tricks. This is done by dragging and dropping blocks of code in order to develop a program to be loaded either by holding Evo up to your screen or by connecting Evo to the application. The most advanced robotics are packed in this cubic inch that loves teaching with blocks and colors. Evo comes out of its box with three tricks up its sleeve and can switch between tricks: it knows when to follow your finger, how to escape from your hand, and lets you play music through his proximity sensors. Evo is your programmable companion that mixes creativity and learning, way beyond coding and computer science, in a fun way!

Volume:a cubic inch
Material:strong polycarbonate shell, acetate bottom cover
Sensors:4 proximity sensors (up to 2 in. range), 2 optical sensors (for detecting lines and colors)
dual motors, worm drive (for speed and torque)
Battery:rechargeable lithium polymer battery, 60 min. charge time
Bluetooth:30 ft. range
Colors:crystal white, titanium black
Additional Features:built-in speaker, 7 LED lights, micro USB port, microcontroller, power button
Appropriate Age:8+ years-old