DOBOT RiGIET - The Most Advanced Gimbal

DOBOT RiGIET - The Most Advanced Gimbal


DOBOT RiGIET - The Most Advanced Gimbal

29 May 2019

The most advanced 3-axis gimbal for smartphones and action cameras (GoPro and Yi series). The complete flexibility of the robotic arm offers you the ability to easily move it around its axis without having to be in a fixed position. Its easy-to-use control panel greatly facilitates your operation, which includes zooming in/out, switching cameras and shooting modes. DOBOT RiGIET supports a wide range of functions such as slow motion, panorama, and time-lapse option to beautifully capture the passage of time. In live streaming, you can directly share your favorite captured moments in social media. By selecting a filter, you can experiment with your images without having to retouch them. One of its most impressive features is its battery, which allows real-time charging that can be done simultaneously with your smartphone, giving you the opportunity to shoot for 24 hours uninterrupted. Lastly, its auto-tracking function easily follows your selecting subject and perfectly keeps it in the center of the frame, letting you create stable, smooth footage. DOBOT RiGIET is a tool that makes your photography more convenient and fun!

Weight:480g (with battery)
Body Material:Space Aluminium, 36 CNC machined and polished to a high finish
Mechanica Range of Gimbal:Pan: 300°, Roll: 270°, Tilt: 300°
Stabilizing precision:
Battery Life:5.5h (static stability), 3h (dynamic stability)
Compatibility:most smartphones running Android or iOS operating systems, GoPro and Yi action cameras
For more info please visit:https://www.dobot.cc/products/riglet-gimbal-stabilizer-specification.html