Clocky - The Runaway Alarm Clock

Clocky - The Runaway Alarm Clock

PRICE: $ 39.99

Clocky - The Runaway Alarm Clock

PRICE: $39.99
18 September 2019

I guarantee that this is a useful invention to keep you up on time, all sharp and bright-eyed. Clocky is the runaway alarm clock; an oval shaped smooth device fitted with two wheels, Clocky is an alarm clock that runs away beeping when you hit the snooze button to steal extra minutes of sleep.

Clocky ensures that you will never oversleep again, if you hit the snooze button, Clocky jumps from a maximum height of 3 feet and wheels away across carpeted or wooden floors, while still beeping to make sure you are up and very awake. It is durable, can jump heights without damage from impact, it also has a snooze disable function that provides the option to snooze just once. With a pleasurable portability and those cute wheels, you will never miss an appointment again when you have got Clocky.

Robotic SoundLoud R2D2-like
DurableJumps from 3 Feet High
OptionsSnooze Once or Disable Snooze,
Turn Off Wheels / Roll Away Feature