Marty The Robot - Kit by Robotical

Marty The Robot - Kit by Robotical

PRICE: £ 150.00

Marty The Robot - Kit by Robotical

PRICE: £150.00
25 May 2019

Learning how to code can come across as being complex and challenging. Do you want to learn how to code from scratch or you want your kid to learn how to code while having fun? Marty the Robot is here for you. Marty the Robot is designed to teach anyone, regardless of age, how to code. Marty is WiFi enable and you can use your phone app to remotely control it.

As Marty comes as a kit, your kid gets to build it into a full robot. This gives your kid hands-on experience and knowledge in electronics and engineering. Marty the Robot undoubtedly gives your child the basic engineering and coding experience needed in a fun and exciting way. All the way from Scratch to JavaScript, Python, and ROS, Marty the Robot is ready to see your kid through.

Number of motors: 9 - six in the legs, one per arm, and one for the eyebrows
Includes four high torque metal geared servo motors
and five plastic geared ones
Customisablity:Stickers included for quick customisation
Extra sensors/motors can be added
Easily expanded with an onboard Raspberry Pi,
then add a camera, microphone, etc.
All parts are 3D printable, so you can fully customise them
Sensors:3-axis accelerometer - including tilt sensing
Motor current sensing - can tell how hard the joints are working, 
and detect interactions like you touching his arm
Two bump sensors included - can detect floor contact,
feet hitting obstacles, or be used as inputs
Add a Raspberry Pi to be able to add camera and/or microphone
Connectivity:WiFi, Serial, i2c
Software:All software is free and open source
Interfaces for Scratch, Python, Javascript
ROS (Robot Operating System) with Raspberry Pi

Battery Life: 

Rechargeable 1400mAh Lithium battery and charger included
1.5-2 hours on a charge
On board battery recharging using supplied USB cable