Six Hexapod Robot by ezrobot

Six Hexapod Robot by ezrobot

PRICE: $ 449.99

Six Hexapod Robot by ezrobot

PRICE: $449.99
26 October 2019

The EZrobot Six Hexapod is a robot that walks on six legs with a great deal of flexibility in how it can move. It's so stable that doesn't need all its legs to move. It needs only three legs to balance while standing, and can walk with just four. Its other legs are free to reach new foot positions, or manipulate objects. You can customize your robot with EZ-Bits. It also includes the EZ-Robot Camera. This gives your robot the ability to track objects, faces, colors, motion, etc. and you can even customize the vision tracking behaviors. In the classroom or at home, not only do students learn about robotics, they have fun doing it. They build, they learn, they play!

The Six Hexapod Robot is for 12+ ages.

Width:35.6 cm
Length:35.6 cm
Height:19.1 cm 
Weight:1.7 kg