Ironpie - The Mobile Home Guard by Trifo

Ironpie - The Mobile Home Guard by Trifo

PRICE: $ 369.99 $329.99

Ironpie - The Mobile Home Guard by Trifo

PRICE: $369.99 $329.99
29 September 2019

Ironpie is smartly designed, high-grade tech, manufactured to provide mobile home surveillance and also rid the home of dust and dirt. Powered with the TRIVS, an intelligent robotic system, the Ironpie is capable of real time position tracking; that is knowing your home and updating a 3D map for it, it is entirely and completely smart.

The TRIVS ensures optimum performance and reliability and with smart visual navigation, the Ironpie decides the best routes to clean your home. This device can be powered and utilized remotely with a Smart App and via voice control, you can catch every surveillance moment without having to install multiple cameras, Ironpie is programmable to conduct routine surveillance patrols. Fitted with a powerful suction system, it does cleaning swiftly and efficiently.

Product Dimension330x330x76
Sunction Power1800
Dustbin Capacity600
Charge Time300min
Battery Capacity2500mAh
Net Weight2.7kg
Cleaning Area120m2