Vacuum-Mop Robot Legee-669 by HOBOT

Vacuum-Mop Robot Legee-669 by HOBOT

PRICE: $ 549.00

Vacuum-Mop Robot Legee-669 by HOBOT

PRICE: $549.00
20 September 2019

The application of robotics has been far-reaching and very diverse. This specific bot is the friendly and home kind of robot. The Vacuum-Mop robot is the first home robot to combine a cleaner and a mop into one device. Armed with a smart navigation system and a micro-droplet meter for spraying water or cleaning liquid, the vacuum-mop robot finds its way about the house, getting rid of dust and dirt and making sure your floors are wiped and polished.

The Vacuum-mop robot utilizes the Legee navigation system which uses a laser system to lay a map of the room and then skilfully moves about avoiding obstacles and objects as it cleans your room. With the exclusively patented FastBrush, room cleaning has never been so mechanized, easy and operable. The robot is also very easy to maintain, as it can be dismantled and cleaned.

Cleaning MethodFastBrush 4-Stage Cleaning Hair free, Dust free
Vacuum MotorBrushless DC Motor
Cleaning ModeOptimized AUTO Cleaning Mode in Larger Spaces
Working Time80 Minutes
Cleaning Area per Charge150 sq.meter (1600 sq.feet)
Moving Speed20 cm/sec (8 inch/sec)
Navigation TechnologyLEGEE® V2.0
Brush Speed10 times/sec
BatteryLi-ion 2900mAh
Dimensions (LWH)340 x 330 x 95 mm (13,4 x 13 x 3,7 inch)