Keecker Robot -The Multimedia Home Robot

Keecker Robot -The Multimedia Home Robot

PRICE: $ 1,990.00

Keecker Robot -The Multimedia Home Robot

PRICE: $1,990.00
10 May 2019

With just a few hundred dollars, you can get yourself an amazing robot from Keecker. Be home away from home with Keecker as it gives you live feed of your home with its 360’ camera wherever you are. Keecker is an incredible product of a modern technology that functions as an indispensable robot in your home. From serving you endless entertainment to ensuring the safety of your home when you’re away, Keecker is the robot you can’t do without.

As Keecker is voice-enabled, it is extremely easy for you to communicate with it about tasks you want to be completed. Whether you want to use it for work at home or you want to give yourself a nice time, Keecker has got you covered with its projection and an excellent sound system. With Keecker, the future is here. Take a leap into the future by getting Keecker today.


15.28 inch (38.8 cm) high
14.88 inch (37.8 cm) wide
15.63 inch (39.7 cm) long
Weight with the battery:20.72 lbs (9.4 kg)
Resolution:HD resolution Full Led at 720p - Full HD and 4K compatible
Video Modes : 1080i, 720p
Projector:90° orientable LED projector on any surface
For more info please visit:https://www.keecker.com/us-en/specifications