Structure Core 3D Scanning Bundle by Occipital

Structure Core 3D Scanning Bundle by Occipital

PRICE: $ 499.00 $399.00

Structure Core 3D Scanning Bundle by Occipital

PRICE: $499.00 $399.00
04 August 2019

Structure Core is innovative as well as an advanced 3D sensor designed for various in-depth 3D exploration. Structure Core has everything inbuilt — 85 full-color camera, 160-degree visible light camera as well as 6 access IMU to deliver unparalleled performance for developers, hardware hacker, roboticist, and more.

Supporting several mobile platforms, Structure Core 3D scanning works with iPhones, iPads, Android, and more. Precise 3D vision lets you unlock the truest potential of the device you are using. You can view and capture your face, room, and many more with a depth-sensing 3D camera.

With the need for spatial awareness in mind, Structure Core 3D sensing camera allows insight into moving objects and scenes with improved precision, accuracy, and depth-sensing as well as giving higher resolutions. Compact and lightweight, this can be easily mounted and makes for great convenience.

Weight:52.5 grams (enclosed)
26.5 grams (bare module)
Depth Processing:On-device using NU3000 ASIC
Depth Resolution & Frame Rate:1280 x 960 @ 54 FPS
1280 x 800 @ 60 FPS (Vertical Crop)
Depth FOV (H x V x D):59° x 46° x 70°
Use Environment:Indoor / Outdoor 1
More specs:https://structure.io/structure-core/specs