Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

for Website Visitors

Why should I use your platform?

    GADGENDA collects for you and presents organized information of the best products and innovative gadgets, so that you can find easily anything that interests you. Also, you can discover awesome products that you did not know that they existed before.

    Can I purchase products directly from your website?

      No, GADGENDA doesn’t sell any products on display. The only way to purchase a product is by clicking on the “Get it” button appearing on the bottom of product’s description, that will direct you to the website that the product is being sold.

      How often do you publish new products?

        We publish new awesome products every day of the week (Monday-Sunday).

        Why sometimes prices differ between your website and the seller’s website?

          Prices are set on our website manually and follow the seller’s price on the publication date.

          What is ‘Crowdfunding’?

            It is a way that new innovative products and business ventures can get funded by anyone, in order to hit the market. Some products are already funded and being sold, yet others might still be in the process of gathering funds or are under development. In every product category we feature a “Crowdfunding” button that you can choose and find crowdfunding products easily.

            How can I find out products on your website that I am interested in?

              You can go through our search tool and type any product name or description that you would like to find or you can scroll through our categories and discover what is being on display.

              What is ‘Wish List’?

                It’s a place where every registered user can save and organize products just by clicking the “Save it” button on the bottom of product’s description.

                What is the ‘Discount’?

                Every time that products are being discounted, we organize them so that you can find them easily and save time and money!  In every product category we feature a “Discount” button that you can choose and find products with discount.

                Can I submit a product to be featured on GADGENDA?

                Yes! Please check our submissions page here [link to ….] for more information or our Submissions FAQ [link or “see above].


                for SUBMISSIONS

                Who is it for?

                  We assist any kind of e-commerce websites and crowdfunding projects to increase public attention and sales through our targeted audience and our promotional campaigns.

                  How does it work?

                  1. Choose the promotional plan that suits you better and proceed with payment.

                  2. Give us a product’s press/media kit (description, images, video url, your e-shop url). We are going to create your dedicated well-designed product page!

                  3. Your worldwide product listing and promotion will start soon. Our marketing team will keep your informed via e-mail about the campaign’s details.

                  My product is not for sale yet. Can I still submit it in GADGENDA?

                    Yes, we feature products that are coming soon with price TBA as well as crowdfunding projects.

                    My product is not for sale anymore, will it still be listed on your website?

                      All product listings are permanent on our website. However if you wish, you can choose to delete them or inform us to do so.

                      Can I upgrade to a higher plan?

                        Yes, but only if the campaign has not started yet! You can upgrade to a higher plan just by paying the difference. If you need help with choosing the best plan for your specific needs, our team would love to help you! You can get in touch here [sales@gadgenda.com].

                        Can I submit multiple products?

                          Yes! If you wish to submit multiple products all you need to do is inform us and we will get back to you with a great offer! We also offer great deals in Enterprise programs. You can get in touch here.