Jibo - Your Personal Report

Jibo - Your Personal Report

PRICE: $ 899.00

Jibo - Your Personal Report

PRICE: $899.00
15 June 2019

Meet Jibo, a little robot that is designed to be part of the family. He can tell jokes, dance, make schedules, tell you the weather, take photos, and much more! He has a funny little personality and can see and hear what goes on around him. He learns each person's face and voice in the family, and can even greet the other people in your family by name.

His face is a high definition touch screen which allows you to scroll through options, though he is voice activated, too with a 360-degree microphone, so you can get his attention from anywhere. He can also be controlled through your smartphone via the Jibo Commander app. You can change his dialogue and even create personal display messages unique to your family.

Three-axis motor system: allows him to spin in 360 degrees so he can turn to face
any direction, and move freely to express himself
Panoramic vision:Jibo is equipped with two cameras that allow him to see
the world around him,
learn faces and capture photos
360-degree microphone array:allow him to detect sounds from any direction,
so you can always get his attention when you need him
Touch screen:Jibo’s face features a 5-inch, 1280x720 pixel touch screen,
which can be used to navigate through his menus
and skills in place of voice commands,
or display the photos he’s taken
Visual and voice ID:Advanced facial and voice recognition capabilities allow Jibo
to identify his loop members by face and voice,
allowing him to address individuals personally