Tipron - The Internet Connected Projection Home Robot by Cerevo

Tipron - The Internet Connected Projection Home Robot by Cerevo

PRICE: $ 2,299.00

Tipron - The Internet Connected Projection Home Robot by Cerevo

PRICE: $2,299.00
28 July 2019

Tipron is a home robot that can automatically project an 80 inch screen from a distance of 3 meters. He can move around your home by himself and project content such as movies, pictures and web pages on a wall, floor and ceiling. You can pre-set him to project when, where and what type of content you’d like to see. It can move automatically according to your schedule, just set up with the exact task time.

Tipron also is an excellent party host, playing your favorite movies and music, or for example, projecting memorable images for the guests.
By projecting the recipe or how-to video of the dish you want to cook on the wall of your kitchen, you can easily check without stopping to pick up your smartphone or look at your tablet. 

If you run a restaurant of a cafe, you can intelligently manage and project content that changes daily, such as your specials menu.

Last but not least, Tipron can project a company's products, services or corporate information at a reception desk to guide guests or work as a PR person in a demo room.

Display size / Image input:Max. 80 inch (at 3m projection distance) /
HDMI (HDCP compatible), USB
Max. Resolution/Projector brightness:HD (1280×720) / Max250lm
Projector range of movement:up/down (pitch axis) -35/+90 degrees,
left/right (yaw axis) ±90 degrees,
rotation (roll axis) ±90 degrees
Wi-Fi:IEEE 802.11b/g/n
App OS Support:Android 4.4〜(supported), iOS10.0〜(recommended)
Battery / Connection Terminal:5,900mAh (per battery) / USB (battery charging)
Operating Time / Charging Time:Approx. 4 hours (with two batteries) / pprox. 2 hours (per battery)
Size:W300mm x D340mm x H420mm (compact mode)
W300mm x D330mm x H810mm (after transforming)
Weight:Approx. 9.5kg
Equipped sensors:IR distance camera, Depth sensor, Video/still camera (5MP)