Misty II - The Personal Robot

Misty II - The Personal Robot

PRICE: $ 3,200.00 $2,399.00

Misty II - The Personal Robot

PRICE: $3,200.00 $2,399.00
15 September 2019

Misty II is designed for developers to create household personal robots people can count on. With ease of access, Misty personal robot comes with the right tools and doc, which allow developers to program and train Misty for personal use. Misty’s functionalities can be extended through hardware modifications, third-party APIs as well as additional sensors.

High-performing 3D vision allows Misty to recognize and navigate her environment as well as recognize faces. Besides 4K camera helps Misty capture moments.

With the duo-mobile processors, developers can train Misty to recognize objects. Also, Misty’s powerful mobile Neural Processing Engine makes for artificial learning for better performance.

For high-quality sound, Misty artificial intelligence robot features a 3-mic array. The speakers are located in specially crafted box with a brass port. Six (6) capacitive touch panel make Misty responsive to touch while time-of-flight sensor keeps her from free fall. For advanced machine learning robotic assistant, get Misty now.

ProcessorsQualcomm® Snapdragon 820™ mobile processor
Qualcomm® Snapdragon 410™ processor
Computer VisionOccipital Structure Core depth sensors for 3D maps
166° diagonal field of view wide-angle Structure Core camera
4K camera
Facial recognition
Deep-learning AI using Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Neural Processing Engine
Sound3 far-field microphones using Qualcomm® Fluence™ PRO
2 high-fidelity speakers with engineered sound box and bass port
Touch6 capacitive touch sensors on head and chin
Distance & Obstacle Detection8 IR-based time-of-flight sensors 
10 bump sensors 
MovementPatent-pending 3-degree of freedom neck
Easily customizable moving arms
Sturdy track-driving tread system
Trailer hitch to pull a payload
Display & Light4” LCD image display/screen
Bright LED flashlight
Multi-color LED chest light
Connectivity2.4 and 5 Ghz WiFi connection
Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy capabilities
ColorMatte White, Matte Black