Signature Station by Altwork

Signature Station by Altwork

PRICE: $ 8,800.00

Signature Station by Altwork

PRICE: $8,800.00
09 June 2019

This Altwork Signature Station is a work station like no other. It contains an adjustable chair with multiple moveable joints for premium comfort, and a table on the edge of a metal arm in front, also adjustable. To reduce neck strain while looking at a monitor, the workstation also has a mount for your monitor. That way, instead of looking down at a stressful angle on your neck, you look forward or up which is more ergonomic for your cervical vertebrae.

This desk also fluidly moves elegantly to maximize your comfort as you work.

The Station comes in 12 custom upholstery colors, 2 frame colors, 5 desktops, and 2 seat back covers, so that you can match any mood or decor that you have in your office.

Dimensions and adjustments:34″ wide x 55″ long 
(upright seated, leg rest extended)
Length extends to 72″ when fully reclined
How big is it?Encompasses 18 square feet of space
Rolls through a standard 32″ opening

When rolling, rotate the desk 90° from the normal 
sitting position and it will fit through a 32″ opening
Weight:Without monitors and laptops, the workstation weighs 210 lbs
(With typical monitors, etc., about 250 lbs.)
Who does it fit?HEIGHT: Our recommended minimum and maximum height range is 5’1″ to 6’4″
WEIGHT: The Altwork Station is rated for a 250 pound user