Hot + Cool™ Fan Heater by Dyson

Hot + Cool™ Fan Heater by Dyson

PRICE: $ 449.99

Hot + Cool™ Fan Heater by Dyson

PRICE: $449.99
09 May 2019

Dyson has done it again with the Hot + Cool Fan Heater. With no visible fans, this stylish Fan Heater is safe and reliable at a heating or cooling your home or workspace. Shiny, metallic, and with its Dyson trademark futuristic standing oval design, this Fan Heater compliments any housing or office space.

With Air Multiplier technology using the entrainment to blast the hot or cool air out of the Fan Heater as much as 15 times the original airflow that went into the Fan. Using fluidics in focus mode, it concentrates air into a single fluid stream at a wide angle, heating the whole room evenly. With a review of 4.7 out of 5 for space heaters, the Dyson Hot + Cool Fan Heater is the best on the market, no matter your heating and cooling needs.

Dimensions:Height 24.9 in
Length 6 in
Width 8.7 in
Weight:8.6 lbs
Amp diameter:
5.9 in
Base diameter with plate:
8.1 in
Cord length:
5.9 ft