BOOKNITURE - A Book That Transforms Into Furniture

BOOKNITURE - A Book That Transforms Into Furniture

PRICE: $ 86.00

BOOKNITURE - A Book That Transforms Into Furniture

PRICE: $86.00
31 May 2019

Being the most compact piece of furniture around, BOOKNITURE represents the best solution if you live in a city and have limited space at home. Having the look and size of a book, It is even portable, which means that you can easily carry it with you anywhere, so just grab it, put it in your bag and off you go! In just seconds, you can unfold your book to reveal a beautiful piece of furniture, that was initially inspired by the attributes (such as load capacity) of honeycomb-like creations. BOOKNITURE is super strong and durable, constructed using a patent-pending origami structure and holding up to 1,000 kg. It comes in five different colors: field brown, concrete gray, pine green, leather black, selvage, and its price varies depending on the color scheme chosen. It is accompanied by a double-sided felt top that you can place on top of the unfolded book in order to use it as a stool, footrest, a small desk or bedside table. Alternatively, you have the option to stack it up to create larger structures such as long tables and benches.

Folded Book Dimensions:33cm x 18cm x 4cm
Dimensions When Unfolded:diameter 36cm x 33cm
Main Material:USA Kraft Paper
Outer Material:100% cotton dye fabric with hand sewing edge
Weight Allowance:1000kg
Dimensions of Double-Sided Felt Top:diameter: 30cm x 1cm