Locus Desk Bundle Focal Upright Furniture by Fully

Locus Desk Bundle Focal Upright Furniture by Fully

PRICE: $ 1,969.00

Locus Desk Bundle Focal Upright Furniture by Fully

PRICE: $1,969.00
07 August 2019

Is comfort priceless, especially in your workstation? Sitting throughout the day in office may not only cause complications but also turn a rewarding and exciting task into a boring and unpleasant experience.  Lower back pain or strain neck can make you focus on the chair rather than the work. This half standing desk eliminates the pain by sharing your weight between your feet and legs alongside your sit bones. At the same time, the desk bundle allows you to make tiny and micro-movements throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a perfectly healthy life, eliminate sitting disease or complications, this Locus Desk Bundle is specially crafted for people alike for a relaxed and flexible movement. Either for your home workstations, office use, or leisure advantage, this Locus standing desk will be your perfect companion.

Locus Desk Specifications and Features:Desk top can be used flat or angled up to 15º
Height range from 36" to 48"
180 lbs lifting capacity
Powerful crank mechanism moves one inch per four turns
Frame constructed of steel and aluminum
Desk top dimensions: 30" D x 48" W
Desk top comes with cup holders, synthetic leather work surface, and cable management clips
Locus Desk Dimensions:Desk top: D 30″ x W 48″
Width between desk legs 40″, height range 36″ to 48″
Locus Seat Specifications and Features:Constructed of aluminum, steel, and molded furniture-grade plywood and polymers
Includes anti-fatigue mat on base
Lateral range of motion: 15º
Fore-aft range of motion: from 5º to 20º forward
300 lbs. weight limit
Locus Seat is available in four upholstery options
Easily folds for storage (please see dimensions tab for full product dimensions)
Seat base has integrated wheels for easy movement and adjustment
Locus Seat Dimensions:Shortest position: L 37″ x W 25.5″ x H 31″
Tallest position: L 45″ x W 25.5″ x H 41″
Easy fold for storage: L 37″ x W 25.5″ x H 14″