Floor Stand Leg Swing by HOVR

Floor Stand Leg Swing by HOVR

PRICE: $ 199.00 $119.00

Floor Stand Leg Swing by HOVR

PRICE: $199.00 $119.00
14 May 2019

Burn more calories while sitting at your desk all day than a person standing. The magic tool for this is HOVR. With HOVR, you won’t have to move an inch as it allows you to concentrate on your work while you exercise. By improving concentration, HOVR indirectly increases productivity to make you more efficient at work. Its simple design makes it a perfect fit under your office desk or for use while watching TV.

While strengthening your calf muscles, HOVR also aids the circulation of blood in your lower limbs. This prevents unnecessary stasis of blood that might cause havoc to your health. This unique feature has made HOVR an important asset for the elderly, who can now exercise without moving away from their sitting position. Get HOVR for your work, school, or home today and prevent any irreparable damage long sitting can cause.