NeueChair Silver - The Ultimate Modern Computer Chair

NeueChair Silver - The Ultimate Modern Computer Chair

PRICE: $ 699.00 $549.00

NeueChair Silver - The Ultimate Modern Computer Chair

PRICE: $699.00 $549.00
30 August 2019

The NeueChair is designed for people who work long hours, sitting. With comfort in mind, this ergonomic chair features support your back, neck, and shoulder. Neue will become your perfect companion.

Made from NeueMesh, the elastic nature of the material features practicality, and this makes it suitable for the modern workplace. Besides, NeueMesh features a 3-layer mesh crafted from a combination of DuPont yarn and top-grade polyester fiber — for breathability. The ControlShift technology makes for easy adjustment. You can adjust the hand lever for desired heights, unlock the backrest and other comfy sitting positions.

If you spend long hours sitting either in front of the computer or managing office tasks, it could be hard maintaining focus and your health may suffer. Lumbar support system allows you to find the perfect angle that will sooth your spine.

PU-Coated ArmrestsPU Material for the Elbow to Anchor.
PU Rubber WheelsSmooth Movement in all Directions
Wheelbase and BackspineADC12 Aluminum Alloy
Safety and StabilityClass IV Hydraulic Pistons 
Lumbar Support SystemAdjustable Height and Depth
Ergonomic SettingsFocus Mode
ControlShift™ AdjustmentsPreferred Height (Right lever), Lock and Unlock the Backrest Tilt (Left lever)
NeueMesh™3-Layer Mesh Combining Top-Grade Polyester Fibre and DuPont Yarn