Shift Tech Table by Spell

Shift Tech Table by Spell

PRICE: € 2,263.00

Shift Tech Table by Spell

PRICE: €2,263.00
25 November 2019

The SHIFT Table merges everyday living and working for the businessperson nomad. Spell has carefully designed it to meet the demands of everyday 21st century life and created a range of hidden functions. The Shift Table helps you keep unattractive cables out of sight while your devices can stay within reach, safely and effortlessly recharging in their own invisible place. Its smooth table top hides a discreet spot for seamless, wireless charging, while a hidden central hub provides generous room for stashing away hardware.

Material & Finish:Solid oak, optional stained colours and finished in satin matt lacquer

Standard Dimensions:

Length: 180cm x Width: 95cm x Height: 75cm
Length: 200cm x Width: 95cm x Height: 75cm 
Length: 220cm x Width: 95cm x Height: 75cm
Length: 240cm x Width: 95cm x Height: 75cm
Colour options table:Natural Top / Natural Side
Natural Top / White wash Side
Natural Top / Grey wash Side