The Energy Pod by MetroNaps

The Energy Pod by MetroNaps

PRICE: £ 9,995.00

The Energy Pod by MetroNaps

PRICE: £9,995.00
03 June 2019

Are you sleeping enough, are you getting enough rest? If the answer is "no", then why not consider buying this sleep capsule and install it in your workplace? MetroNaps has created this stylish sleeping pod to help you. The Energy Pod has been designed in such a way that it gives you the privacy you wish to maintain as you take a nap, by building a rotatable visor, without totally enclosing you. It keeps you in a position of zero gravity and gives your heart a break from pumping so hard since your feet are elevated and your knees are bent. In addition, you can listen to specially composed music from the pod's built-in speaker, which will greatly facilitate your relaxation and make the whole experience as comfortable as possible. When it is time you wake up, which you can decide yourself by setting the timer up, or by selecting the pre-programmed 20-minute nap option, the pod will carefully do so with a combination of gentle music, vibration, and lights. Give The Energy Pod a try to feel the immediate benefits to your productivity and general well-being.

Features:ergonomic design (feet elevation and slight knee bend)
rotatable visor providing semi-privacy
pre-set 20-minute nap, timer
gentle waking through a combination of lights, music and vibration
integrated speaker playing special compositions in order to facilitate relaxation
interface console