VRfree® Glove System by sensoryx

VRfree® Glove System by sensoryx

PRICE: $ 800.00 $600.00

VRfree® Glove System by sensoryx

PRICE: $800.00 $600.00
06 May 2019

VR gaming can be clunky as there were no gloves that allowed your hands to virtually be in the virtual space without a controller. The VRfree Glove System by sensoryx allows this type of controller-free movement to happen. These gloves are black and fingerless. Lightweight, these gloves wirelessly connect with the sensor attachment that attaches to your VR viewer. They are rechargeable with a high refresh rate, mobile, and compatible with Oculus, HTC, Daydream, and other similar headsets. The high degree of sensors in the gloves allows you to forego the controller, and move your hands in virtual reality independently, it detecting all ten digits. The gloves have low latency, meaning that you are able to interact virtually in real time. It truly is VRfree.

Compatible with:Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Oculus Go, Samsung Odyssey,
Google Daydream, Gear VR, HP Mixed Reality, Lenovo Explorer, LG VR and more
Field of operation:190°
Standard 700mAh Canon battery 3.7V
Sampling rate:120Hz