Prime One - The All-round VR Gloves by Manus VR

Prime One - The All-round VR Gloves by Manus VR

PRICE: € 2,990.00

Prime One - The All-round VR Gloves by Manus VR

PRICE: €2,990.00
03 October 2019

The Prime One is quite a lovely inventive virtual reality glove developed by Manus VR to bring us closer to the world of virtual reality. This glove enables you to feel, touch and manipulate objects in virtual reality in a three dimensional kind of way. The applications are actually far reaching in the world of VR, movies, music and gaming.

The design of the Prime One is thoughtful and user friendly; It houses about twelve haptic sensors to measure and translate hand and/or orientation, flexion of joints of each finger. The software is also easy to use, the gloves can be calibrated for multiple users in less than 60 seconds and it is very compatible with several popular virtual reality platforms, namely Unity, Unreal engine, Motionbuilder, etc.

Compatible WithThe HTC Vive, and more
SupportsUp to Four Pairs of Gloves & Four Wireless Dongles on one PC
Plugins (In Combination with Apollo)Seamless Integration into Unity, Unreal Engine and MotionBuilder
Intended InteractionGesture Recognition and Physics-Based Impact Detection
Accurately Applying ForceFine grained, Fingertip Accurate Interaction
Virtual FeedbackNatural Way Interaction