Cinera Headset - The Future Of Home Cinema

Cinera Headset - The Future Of Home Cinema

PRICE: $ 799.00

Cinera Headset - The Future Of Home Cinema

PRICE: $799.00
10 June 2019

This home theater system puts you directly immersed in your favorite video games, TV shows, and movies from your own couch, without any extra equipment. Resembling VR headsets, the Cinera Headsets come in three colors and allows you to view your media in 5K Ultra HD. 66-degree field of view allows you to view the 4x sharper image than other video headgears while allowing you to mount the headset or head mount. Install your favorite streaming apps onto it to view whatever your current show is, like Netflix, Youtube, HBOGo, and Hulu. The Cinera Headset is available being compatible with Android 6.0 OS. In addition to all of these other features, the headset has embedded 4-hour battery, and can even be used with glasses, for the ultimate in accessibility.

CPU:Quad-Core Cortex-A17 (up to 1.8Ghz)
Display Dual:2560x1440
Bluetooth Support:Bluetooth 4.0
Sensors:Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Proximity
OS:Android 6.0
Languages Support:Multi Languages