X-TankCopter Drone by Xerall

X-TankCopter Drone by Xerall

PRICE: $ 136.00 $127.00

X-TankCopter Drone by Xerall

PRICE: $136.00 $127.00
20 October 2019

The X-TankCopter Drone is a flying tank, awesome for outdoor and indoor use. It's capable of driving across rough terrain, armed with 4 propellers that allow it to take off once the obstacle becomes too big to drive over. You can explore new places that are out of reach for any other vehicles. The X-TankCopter can turn on the spot which is extremely useful in a limited space, which in turn provides 120° wide-angle view from the 720P HD camera. As it's driving on the ground, when obstacles become too big, it can simply take off and fly over them. The model weighs only 109 g, therefore it can be operated, without the fear of causing damage to other models or itself. By clicking on the VR icon you turn on a mobile phone split screen mode and wearing the VR Glasses you'll experience real-time transmission 3D visualization.

Aircraft Weight:109 g
Dimensions:L26xW13xH6 cm
Propeller Size:3.7 inch
Video Recording Modes:HD 1280x720p 30fps
Supported SD Card Type:MicroSD up to 32 GB
Max Flight Time:9 min
Max Driving Time:20-25 min