Raptor AR Smartglasses by Everysight

Raptor AR Smartglasses by Everysight

PRICE: € 649.00

Raptor AR Smartglasses by Everysight

PRICE: €649.00
14 June 2019

Just like a video game HUD system, but for real life, the Raptor AR Smart glasses by Eversight let you view your MPH, Heartrate, a map of where you're biking, and other HUD information via Augmented Reality. These Smart glasses project the information unobtrusively in front of your vision, allowing you to get the data you need while being able to effortlessly view the road or trail that you're biking on.

In addition to the AR display, the glasses also have a front camera that allows you to take HD video with real-time metrics imbedded into the video.

These smart glasses are slick and stylish with the neon green racer stripe on the side of them, and the Everysight logo on the side, also in neon green. They basically look like a slightly bigger version of regular biking sunglasses, shielding your eyes, but providing so much more.

Internal Storage:16 GB
Colors:Electric Green, Stealth Black
OS:Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
Camera:13.2 MPixel
Sensors:3D Accelerometer
3D Gyroscope
3D Magnetometer
Proximity sensor to identify when Raptor is worn
Navigation:GPS and GLONASS
Bluetooth 2.0
BLE 4.1 (Bluetooth Smart)
Wi-Fi - 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
Micro USB 2.0 for battery charging and data transfer
Battery:Up to 8-hour battery life
Rechargeable via USB Micro-B
Weight:Approx. 3.45oz / 98g
Everysight Smartphone Companion App:Compatible with iOS version 9 and above or
Android version 4.4 and above
More specs at:https://everysight.com/media-kit/