Opto - The Lightest VR Headset

Opto - The Lightest VR Headset

PRICE: £ 98.00

Opto - The Lightest VR Headset

PRICE: £98.00
02 May 2019

VR headsets allow you to immerse yourself into the virtual world but are usually bulky in the process. Opto is the lightest Virtual Reality headset, being made of foam, allowing for maximum portability. This VR Headset also comes with its own speakers inside, eliminating the need for extraneous encumbering cords that bulk up most VR systems. It comes with multiple magnetic covers that are interchangeable, providing a degree of personal customizing that most other VR headsets don't have; being flat and gray. Opto also has larger eyeholes, making the ability to see more into the virtual world obtainable and more immersive with a 100-degree field of view into virtual space. This VR headset is compatible with smartphones that have a 4" to 5.5" screen.

Optics Type:Double-Aspheric
Optics Diameter:44.00mm
Compatibility:For smartphones with a screen size: 4” to 5.5”
Audio Frequency:20hz/20khz
Audio Driver Diameter:40.00mm
Material:Body: Closed cell foam
Optics: PMMA