Interactive VR Chair by Rotor VR

Interactive VR Chair by Rotor VR

PRICE: $ 1,499.99

Interactive VR Chair by Rotor VR

PRICE: $1,499.99
01 September 2019

The interactive VR chair provides you with an ultimate entertainment experience. This comfortable all-purpose chair is ready to take your gaming experience with high-quality sound, media immersion within the comfort of a rocker. The interactive VR chair enables you to fully experience movies, games, and music.

The interactive VR chair features speakers and a built-in subwoofer positioned to pound your back with bass-heavy sound effects or music. It is a high-tech rocker which is invented to give you extra comfort with armrests. Its ergonomic design lends itself to full back support and the foldable construction allows for ease of storage and portability, thereby providing you with an overwhelming experience. It is made with a breathable mesh fire-resistant foam safe for everyday use.

SeatHeight Adjusters for the Roto VR Chair Arms
Double Rumble EffectsDriven by the Game Audio
Complete ConnectivityControl Box
Roto VR Cable MagazinesSupportive Design
Roto VR Base and Touch PedalsIntegrated