Trekking Stripes Black by Seatylock

Trekking Stripes Black by Seatylock

PRICE: $ 198.00 $178.00

Trekking Stripes Black by Seatylock

PRICE: $198.00 $178.00
14 August 2019

Keep enjoying city cycling without worrying about the possibility of theft by making use of the aero-dynamic seat that is made to provide cyclist with a solid lock wherever they go. The lock is durable, secure, comfortable, and can be installed from Saddle to Lock in few seconds.

It combines durability, shock resistance, and a lightweight frame that makes installation easy and provides you with the optimum security your bike deserves. It features an ergonomic and lightweight saddle; the Seatylock Trekking was designed for riders that prioritize agility but do not want to compromise on comfort. All the metal parts of the bike seat lock are reinforced to hinder the most creative of bike thieves from stealing your bike. This is the ultimate in-bike accessory for your bike to give it the optimal protection it deserves!

Width:16cm / 6.3in
Lenght:26cm / 10.2in 
expanded: 100cm / 39.4in
Weight:1.33kg / 2.9lb