S3 & X3 Electric Bikes by Vanmoof

S3 & X3 Electric Bikes by Vanmoof

PRICE: € 1,998.00

S3 & X3 Electric Bikes by Vanmoof

PRICE: €1,998.00
24 April 2020

S3 & X3 Electric Bikes by Vanmoof is a Dutch minimalist urban bicycle which is the most affordable, tech-packed city eBike. Is available in two versions, the S3 and X3, and both are nearly identical in terms of specs, with just the size of the bike changing. The S3 is suitable for larger riders, while the X3 is intended for shorter riders. New features include a redesigned power system, automatic gear shifter, a rear wheel-blocking kick lock, an hydraulic brake system, smart tech and an upgraded app. 

S3 & X3 Electric Bikes can reach speeds of almost 20 mph, have a pedal-assist range of 37-93 miles, and can you can control them via an app that can adjust the gears and offers security with tamper detection and remote locking and unlocking. A full charge takes 4 hours or 80 minutes to 50%. 


Front wheel hub

  • 250W - 350W
  • EU - US power setting
  • Boost torque: 59Nm
  • 4 power levels
  • Stronger boost


  • 60 km - 150 km
  • Full power - Economy mode


  • 504Wh capacity Integrated LG cell
  • Removable for servicing


  • 36V 4A
  • 50% charge in 80 minutes
  • Full charge in 4 hours


  • Keyless lock, Touch Unlock
  • Automatic rider recognition
  • Integrated alarms
  • GSM and Bluetooth theft tracking

More Specs at: https://www.vanmoof.com/bikes/en-NL/s3?_ga=2.63855467.591467.1587716403-721521169.1587716403