LITTA Front light by Mathijs ter Kuile

LITTA Front light by Mathijs ter Kuile

PRICE: € 19.00

LITTA Front light by Mathijs ter Kuile

PRICE: €19.00
03 February 2020

LITTA Front light by Mathijs ter Kuile is a convenient solar-powered bike light which is sustainable and designed to last. It has a tough housing and the electronics have a waterproof coating. LITTA has a small but efficient solar panel that charges the integrated batteries every minute your bike is outside. 

When you park your bike for a full winter-day in the shadow, Litta still charges enough to shine for 5 hours in Power save mode. Using built-in light- and vibration sensors, Litta switches on automatically when you catch your bike, and switches off when daylight hits the solar panel, or when you have parked your bike. 

Litta is protected thanks to its theft-proof tie-wrap connection. It will shine the brightest when it is fully charged by the sun, but saves energy when sunlight is scarce. A fully charged Litta can work continuously for over 25 hours. After that, only 4 hours of sun is enough to recharge Litta.

Tip: Litta makes you visible from as far as 300 meters, but does not highlight the road in front of you. So if you ride mostly dark roads, please consider buying an additional type of bike light to highlight the road in your front. 

Features of Litta:

  • Designed to last
  • Charges itself with a solar panel
  • Automatic on/off
  • Theft-proof tie-wrap connection
  • Visible from all sides
  • More happiness, less worrying

Litta can be adapted to fit your style. Currently, you can find it in 4 different colours:

  • Dark grey
  • Burgundy violet
  • Dark yellow
  • Cyan blue