X one Power ebike by Mat Rauzier

X one Power ebike by Mat Rauzier

PRICE: € 3,978.00 €2,169.00

X one Power ebike by Mat Rauzier

PRICE: €3,978.00 €2,169.00
04 February 2020

Ride faster, further and safer!

With speeds of up to 45km/h and a range of 75km X one uses patented original tech to re-create power while you ride. Innovative production with an efficient battery, the choice between the throttle and pedal assist, and a smart screen that provides GPS, facial recognition unlock and voice commands.

A stylish and futuristic design and advanced technologies will surprise you. X One is the first model of next generation e-bike!

Its intelligence is built around an all-new aluminum composite frame paired with a carbon fiber fork- super lightweight. The aerodynamically molded frame hides all cables and mechanisms, so it remains stylish. X one sets a standard for electric bikes of the latest century. 

Stay Safe with the Ultimate Smart Features:

An incorporated touchscreen uses facial recognition to recognize you, and voice control to control your bike hands-free. Some functions, such as the turn signals, are activated automatically through any natural movement.. 

Ride More, Ride Faster

You now have the chance to ride up to 75km (47 min) on a single charge. With a removable battery up to 750W, 42V at 16Ah, X One will never leave you stranded! Its quick charge will have you going again in as little as 2.5 hours. Ride faster and longer thanks to the energy regeneration tech that charges the battery the same time you ride.The gyro sensors engage the system when you are going downhill, when you backpedal or apply the hand brakes to come to a stop. A full complement of integrated lights make riding at all hours of the day safer and easier. Thanks to the photo sensor, the directional headlight and integrated LED tail light automatically turn on when needed. You can activate the turn signals manually, or automatically via the GPS route or your body's movement as you reach an intersection.

  • Frame: Aluminium Composite
  • Motor: EIVA Drive 750W Power Hub
  • Battery: 42V - 16Ah
  • Battery Cells: Panasonic GA Cell (Best in the market)
  • Pedal Assist: Yes
  • Torque Sensor: Yes
  • Throttle: Yes
  • Brakes: Hydrolique + Regenerative
  • Regen Brake: Yes
  • A.I Features: Yes

More specs at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/x-one-ebike-next-generation-smartest-e-bike#/