Gi Fly Bike by Bignay

Gi Fly Bike by Bignay

PRICE: $ 2,729.00

Gi Fly Bike by Bignay

PRICE: $2,729.00
10 November 2019

The Gi Fly Bike is the world’s fastest folding electric bicycle that changes the way you move. Easily roll it onto a bus, train, subway, or elevator. It's designed to be wheeled around like a rollable luggage so you never have to pick it up. You can choose between three speeds of electric help or ride Gi Fly as a normal bike. Climb hills and get to your destination quickly, without effort. Bike theft is less of an issue. Gi Fly notices how far you are from your folded bike through Bluetooth technology and locks automatically when you are 10 feet (~3 meters) away. Return to your bike and the Gi unlocks automatically. You can control all of Gi Fly’s features its mobile app. To make sure you stay in control, the bike has a centrally located USB Port and phone belt. Gi Fly will charge your phone as you pedal towards your destination.

Top Speed:15 mph (25 km/h) - legal limit in Europe
Approximate Weight:55 lbs (25 kg)
Weight Limit:100 kg
Charging Time (From Empty):4 hours