BitLock - The Keyless Bike Lock

BitLock - The Keyless Bike Lock

PRICE: $ 129.00

BitLock - The Keyless Bike Lock

PRICE: $129.00
23 November 2019

With BitLock you can unlock your bike with your phone, share access with friends, and view the last parked location of your bike. BitLock is the world's first smart keyless bike lock that is enabled by Bluetooth low energy. Run BitLock application on your phone, walk up to your bike, and press the button on BitLock to open it. BitLock can sense your proximity and confirm if you have permission to interact with your phone. So no more forgetting keys. In case your battery dies, you can still unlock it by entering a combination code using the 2 buttons on BitLock.

Dimensions:4” x 8” (10.2cm x 20.3cm) 
Weight:2.40 lbs (1.09 kgs)
Shackle thickness: 12mm (0.47 Inch)
Material:Heat-treated and cut-resistant steel
Battery:Lithium-thionyl chloride 2.4Ah non-rechargeable
Battery life:10,000 lock/unlocks (5 years with the average usage)
Battery shelf life:20 years