Cambox Xtrm3

Cambox Xtrm3

PRICE: € 349.00

Cambox Xtrm3

PRICE: €349.00
10 December 2019

Cambox Xtrm3

The Cambox Xtrm3 is connected via the "Cambox Capture & Share" application. Allowing you to interact at any time with your helmet camera. Control your angle of view, change your settings, instantly view your photos & videos and transfer them to your smartphone or tablet.

The Cambox offers a new design and a new concept!

Its unique and patented concept allows you to use the Cambox in all situations and on all types of helmets. With it, film your most beautiful emotions hands-free: sports, hobbies, family. At last an on-board camera that offers you: Safety, Lightness, Discretion, Simplicity and Design!

The Cambox preserves the protective role of your helmet.

Its Velcro fastening method allows your Cambox to be perfectly integrated into your equipment. Thus, no modifications or attachments are present on the shell of your helmet.

Finally a discreet helmet camera.

Only a few millimetres thick, the Cambox perfectly follows the curve of your visor. Fixed away from shocks and out of sight, your helmet camera becomes almost invisible.

A unique positioning under the visor or inside the helmet.

The Cambox has an exclusive system of articulated arms allowing it to perfectly match the visor of your helmet, cap, hat...
Thanks to its finesse and lightness, the Cambox Xtrm is positioned as close as possible to your eyes and allows you to obtain an experience more immersive than ever!

4x lighter than its competitors.

The Cambox Xtrm is an ultra-light helmet camera, allowing to respect the balance of your helmet. With its lightweight, you'll easily forget it is here.

Be seduced by its design!

Elegant, the Cambox Xtrm pushes, modernizes and revolutionizes the concept of helmet cameras. The diversity of its colours and the perfection of its finishes will make it a trendy asset for your equipment.

The Cambox is fastened via a Velcro fastener

Compatible with all helmets and visors, the Cambox Xtrm is fixed with a self-adhesive Velcro fastener and guarantees a simple and quick installation.

3 seconds is all it takes...

A single pulse to turn on the helmet camera and recording starts automatically. You won't have time to say "Action..."

  • Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Weight: 40g
  • Autonomy: 80min
  • Frames per second: 30fps in 1080p and 60fps in 720p
  • Video files type: MP4 video files
  • Wide angle of view: Yes, 120 °
  • Lens tilt: 35°
  • Setting the duration of video files: Yes, a new file created every 5, 15 or 30 min
  • Quality Video parameters: Yes, allow to choose the white balance and exposure
  • Audio System: 2 Micros AAC2 for stereo sound
  • Interface: Universal MicroUSB plug
  • Battery information: Lithium Polymer Battery 3.7 V 500 mAh
  • Charging time: 2H30mn
  • Waterproofing: Splash-proof