Cycling Power Meter by Keesjan Klant

Cycling Power Meter by Keesjan Klant

PRICE: € 199.00 €159.00

Cycling Power Meter by Keesjan Klant

PRICE: €199.00 €159.00
04 February 2020

Attain your optimum performance with the power meter by IQ², the most helpful cycling tool. A power meter is a measuring tool that can be put on your bike. It informs you - through your bike computer or sports app - about the force your legs are bringing on, at real-time during the ride. Knowing your power values will help you modify your performance in the short and long term. 

With IQ², everybody gets to enjoy all power meter assets combined in one product. It’s easy to install and swap between multiple bikes. It is also available in two separate units that track left and right leg power independently, so you can see if your legs are performing the way you want. It stays practical on dirty roads and its waterproof casing protects the technological core from rain and water. There is no need to replace any expensive bicycle parts, as you screw our power meter in between the crank arm and pedal. It’s compatible with all race and mountain bikes.

It is a unit that anybody can install between the crank arm and pedal. There is the option to order two separate power meters, one for each side of your bicycle to measure leg power independently. One unit weighs just 29,7 grams and houses a strong and light titanium adapter. A sophisticated low-pressure molding technique guarantees the power meter is waterproof and dustproof. The colors are customizable to fit your mood and personal style.

Our thin film strain gauge is of an entirely different caliber. It demands no human interaction, as it deposits on the surface of the part, molecularly bonded and trimmed by laser. All the strain gauges are the same -when it comes for the production process-. Its innovative technology is used in situations with zero error tolerance, such as in medical, military and harsh environments.

The team at IQ² put effort in scheming a device easy to attach and detach on your bike. With this power meter, you can always swap bikes without saying goodbye to its training benefits.


  • Power Range: 0 - 2600W
  • Power Accuracy: 1%
  • Cadence Range: 10-200 rpm
  • Sensor: Full bridge thin film strain gauge, molecularly bonded to the surface of the titanium adopter


  • Battery Type: 3V CR2032 lithium coin cell
  • Replaceable by user: Yes
  • Battery Life: Between 200 and 300 hours


  • Overall Length x width x height: 64.9 x 31.0 x 29.0mm
  • Q-factor: +16mm per side
  • Weight: 29.7 gram per side

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