Air Comfy Seat by GrandPitstop

Air Comfy Seat by GrandPitstop

PRICE: € 50.69 €26.60

Air Comfy Seat by GrandPitstop

PRICE: €50.69 €26.60
10 January 2020

Air Comfy Seat by GrandPitstop offers an advanced air suspension technology to give the suitable air flow circulation to motor riders while riding.  It also gives the proper balance. This seat can prevent any pain and the sweat! No matter how long your ride will last, the Air Comfy Seat provides the required comfort that makes your ride with ease.

Thanks to Air Ventilation, it reduces Heat & Moisture Build up and the cushion absorbs Vibrations & Shock. In addition, the Seat distributes pressure evenly and Eliminates Painful Pressure Points & Numbness.

Now riders don't need to come down from their bikes to inflate or deflate the air in their seats. This is one extra privilege that Air Confy Seat gives with the integral Inflator and Deflator!

You can just remove the seat when you do not use it at all. Use the four hooks and remove it. Extra tip about this product is the material used to create it, that make it durable and strong under difficult weather conditions. You may find detailed instructions to use the Air Confy Seat and the pictures needed to guide you!

    • Inflate/Deflate Air Seat on The Go
    • Helps reduce pressure on the lower back
    • Reduces butt pain
    • YKK Zipper
    • Rain Cover
    • Reduces 50% jerk reduction