Wireless Backup Camera by LOOK-IT

Wireless Backup Camera by LOOK-IT

PRICE: $ 199.99 $99.99

Wireless Backup Camera by LOOK-IT

PRICE: $199.99 $99.99
21 January 2020

The LOOK-IT Wireless Backup Camera changes your smartphone into a convenient display for viewing what is behind you, supplying extra safety while you reverse out of a parking spot or your driveway. Is a do-it-yourself (DIY) system anyone can instal with ease. It includes a camera and a monitor solution with plenty of camera angles that it can fit different sizes of vehicles.

It is compatible with iPhone or Android devices and it connects wirelessly with the backup camera to improve backup safety, reduce any blind spots and help park your vehicle. A gridline calibration assists in better backup maneuvering. The license plate frame has an  IP67 certified waterproof-molded design with a built-in camera and a replaceable battery which last up to four years.

The patent-pending QuickView wireless remote, affixed on the steering wheel or dashboard, helps you unlock and open the app on your smartphone instantly to see live what is happening behind your vehicle. To activate it, just push a button. This technology is specially helpful when children and other people are in the driveway, on the sidewalk or anywhere behind a car and not visible to the driver on mirrors. 

It’s easy to set up the LOOK-IT wireless backup camera, as, unlike many other aftermarket cameras, there’s no need for hard-wiring. The set-up is fast, and not only free of complicated wiring but also there is no need to drill any holes in your vehicle. It’s as easy as switching out your license plate—the wireless and adjustable camera is built right into the license plate holder.

LOOK-IT securely protects the video it captures. To gain access, one need to create a user account. When the unit is linked with an authorized smartphone, it operates. Along with the included installation hardware, these integrated anti-theft features make LOOK-IT unhelpful for would-be thieves!


  • Item Weight: 2.55 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 7 x 3 inches
  • Batteries: 3 Lithium Metal batteries required. 
  • One-year limited warranty on the system and 3-years on the battery
  • Universal magnetic vent mount smartphone holder
  • Horizontal viewing angle of 100 degrees
  • Smart grid line calibration and adjustable camera angle
  • Adjustable swivel camera up to 45 degrees to suit different vehicle sizes
  • Automatic activation when in reverse
  • Anti-theft screws make LOOK-IT useless to thieves
  • Rugged waterproof license plate holder with long-lasting replaceable battery
  • One touch of the QuickView wireless remote automatically launches smartphone app and enables the camera
  • No external monitor display required to install
  • User friendly easy do-it-yourself installation