NAVION by WayRay

NAVION by WayRay


NAVION by WayRay

24 January 2020

NAVION is the first AR navigation system for cars. This real AR is a realistic optical world surrounding the car, that moves and continuously changes in sync with the itinerary. The information displayed in True AR allows the driver to pay attention to the road and drive in a safer way. NAVION gives the driver specific route directions and guides the vehicle continuously, adjusting in accordance with the route and the geographical region. 

The holographic optical element created by WayRay is the basic element of the device. It is a photopolymer film that holds the properties of a periodic nano-structure after the recording procedure. And this means, that holographic optical element has special specifications: 

  • Holographic optical element
  • Inner protective layer
  • Adhesive
  • Outer protective layer 

Navion has a built-in Full HD camera for endlessly mapping the surrounding and it can keep track of the car’s location within it. This process, called SLAM, simultaneous localization and mapping. It can also respond to simple motions, so the driver can implement commands without peering at the dashboard. Gesture control allows the driver to safely browse the menu, pick or switch routes and choose relevant points of interest.


  • Advanced inertial sensors and GPS for ultimate positioning
  • Full HD camera for real-time SLAM
  • Hardware-accelerated video feed processing and AR rendering


  • Largest FOV in aftermarket add-on HUDs: 8° x 4°
  • Distance to virtual image: 30 ft
  • Visor with embedded holographic optical element


      • 4G


        • 7" x 7.8" x 6.5"

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