WeWalk - The Revolutionary Smart Cane

WeWalk - The Revolutionary Smart Cane

PRICE: $ 499.00

WeWalk - The Revolutionary Smart Cane

PRICE: $499.00
07 October 2019

Visually impaired people encounter a bulk of obstacles. The use of white cane requires much effort and people have to be extremely careful. 

WeWalk Smart Cane is the evolution of the classic white cane, transforming it into a smart and connectible cane. WeWalk Smart Cane features obstacle detection above the chest level with an ultrasonic sensor and vibration when these objects are near.

 It can be paired with the user's smartphone via bluetooth and with the WeWalk App the user can use applications with WeWALK’s touchpad, without holding his or her phone.

Google Maps and Voice Assistant are integrated within WeWalk.

WeWalk Smart Cane brings a lot more independence to visually impaired people and helps them to fully participate in the society.

Flash Memory16 Mbit
Ultrasonic Sensor16mm Open Enclosure, 40kHz, Directivity 55°
TouchpadMulti-Touch Custom Module
Vibration MotorsLeft and Right Vibrating Buttons
Battery1000mAh Li-ion with on Package Protection Circuit
Battery Charger500mA max. Charge Current
SpeakerClass D Power Amplifier + 0.5W Smartphone Speaker
MicrophoneMEMS Digital Microphone
Dimensions (W x L x H) & Weight25 mm x 289 mm x 44 mm, 280 gr (Without Power Supply)