Skulpt Performance System

Skulpt Performance System

PRICE: $ 99.00

Skulpt Performance System

PRICE: $99.00
19 November 2019

The Skulpt Performance System provides a extended understanding of your physical strengths and weaknesses, along with workout based on your unique physiology and goals. The Skulpt Performance System includes the Skulpt Scanner, a charging cradle, a spray water bottle and access to workout advice via the Skulpt App™. The Skulpt Scanner allows you to optimize your workout time and get real results efficiently and reliably, with access to expertize. It measures your muscle and fat, maps and analyzes data and offers you personalized advice.

You must have a compatible device to connect with your Scanner. This includes iPhone 5 or later running IOS 8+, and leading Android devices running Jellybean 4.3 or later versions of the operating system.