SelfCare1 by Family Self Care

SelfCare1 by Family Self Care

PRICE: € 325.00 €181.00

SelfCare1 by Family Self Care

PRICE: €325.00 €181.00
30 January 2020

Do your or any member of your family suffers frequently from stress, lack of sleep, pimples or a runny nose? Do you truly want to take care of them but using only natural ways?

If the answer is yes, then SelfCare1 will be your lovely companion. SelfCare1 is a uniquely designed, connected dispenser that can simplify the use of essential oils for everyone. You can consider it as a natural approach to everyday wellness! This dispenser simplifies aromatherapy and allows you to care for your family in a natural way. 

So, how does it work? 

Simplysafely and it saves you time! All you need to do is to download Selfcare1Connect on your smartphone and create a user profile for each member of the family. Selfcare1 can recognize each of your loved one's needs and preferences. Then, insert your essential oils cartridge and show your expectations step by step. You can choose between 6 major categories, each of them offer 2 to 7 sub-categories. 

What follows? The dispenser delivers immediately customized doses of organic essentials oils mix. You can control it by using your smartphone. The smart-app will let you know anything useful about the contents in your blend, how to use them and how many doses, taking into account your needs and preferences. You can even track your improvements and measure your progress.

Need to mention the cartridge which is the heart of innovation!

Pre-filled and long-lasting, this cartridge is smart: working with your profile on the app, a chip allows you to adapt the right recipe to your needs and to the remaining oils to avoid waste. With only 8 essential oils selected by our scientific committee and provided by the best organic suppliers -in the south of France-, you can access over 1,000 potential combinations for everyday wellbeing, for the whole family, all from the ease of your home!

  • Easy to use: select your concern through the app and the dispenser will offer you a precise blend -depending on your needs-.
  • Accessible to everyone: the algorithm adapts to your profile and age and can be used by all the members of your family -seven years old and above-. 
  • Save money: By only using 8 essential oils, you may manage more than 40 different concerns. If one of them runs out, the algorithm will adapt and recalculate a new formula with the same safety conditions and for similar results. An adaptable wellness solution!