PRICE: € 169.00


PRICE: €169.00
10 December 2019

The Expain Experts

“Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Simulation (TENS) is the recommended treatment for muscle pain in the physiotherapist handbook. TENS both increase the production of endorphines and inhibit pain signals by giving a larger stimuli to the nerves.”

“TENS circulation technology exercise the muscles in the Back by activating and relaxing the muscles in a sophisticated manner. This makes blood beeing pumped into the back and circulation is improved.”

“Heat is a well known treatment for soothing muscle pain. Heat both inhibits pain by bombarding the nerve sensors with signals, and heat increase blood circulation, which transport impurities away from pain areas .”

“Support of a painful lower back is the best way to become active again when the back has locked up. The support eases the weight on the back spine and muscles supporting the spine.”

“TENS is electrical stimulation of the muscles and nerves that activate the muscles, increases blood flow, increases the production of endorphins and overwhelms nerve signals that report of pain to the brain. TENS thereby inhibiting pain.”

Suitable for Everyone

Lower back pain have numerous causes, from inactivity to sports-injury. The EXPAIN Back Up Belt offer support, passive and active heat and TENS to relieve pain in the lower back, whatever the cause. The TENS function should not be used if you have a pacemaker, blood clots, or is in the first trimester of pregnancy. Metal screws in the hip or the like, however, is no problem. Ask your doctor or physiotherapist for advice if you are unsure if the TENS is something for you and your needs.


EXPAIN Back Up Belt is a wide and supportive belt with intuitive mounting and double tightening for the best possible support and comfort. Wearing the belt all day provides support and passive heating. For more powerful pain relief, insert the TENS and heat unit and turn on more efficient pain relief. Control the heat and TENS intensity with the wireless remote to get the most out of your EXPAIN Back Up Belt. Charge the unit only with the included charger and cable. Charge for 3 hours and have 40 minutes with heat or 50 TENS sessions of 20 minutes. Place the included gel pads on the black electrodes for a more comfortable TENS treatment. Turn on the main unit by one push, the light blinks green. Put on the belt with the black TENS electrodes directly to the skin. Tighten the belt by the double elastic bands to get good support for the spine. Turn on the remote control, and see it blinks green. Start the heat treatment by pushing the heat symbol once. Start the TENS treatment by one push on +. The TENS has 5 intensities regulated by + and – on the remote control. The TENS and heat automatically shuts off after 20 minutes of treatment.

  • Lower back support
  • Heat and electrical impulses (TENS pain relief)
  • Easy on/off
  • Medical approval