Smart Medicine Ball 6 pound by DU

Smart Medicine Ball 6 pound by DU

PRICE: $ 99.99

Smart Medicine Ball 6 pound by DU

PRICE: $99.99
17 December 2019

Get smart fitness in your living room! The weighted Smart Ball pairs with your phone or tablet. Combine cardio and strength exercises for quick and challenging at-home workouts.

On-screen targets help you maintain accuracy for perfect reps! Your virtual trainer Noelle shows you exactly how to do the drill and where to hit the targets. She disappears off the screen and then it’s your turn!

Learn new skills as you master the drills! You’ll be learning moves like Crunch Twists and Ice Skaters. Choose from a variety of full-body programs or just target legs or abs!

Results after every workout. The Smart Medicine Ball works with your phone or tablet so you can use it anywhere. Get instant results and track your progress over time.

  • Works with any phone or tablet with iOS 10+ or Android 7+

  • Connects to Your TV via Apple TV or Chromecast

  • High quality, durable ball that doesn't fade