Heated Zip Top by polar seal

Heated Zip Top by polar seal

PRICE: € 249.61 €198.80

Heated Zip Top by polar seal

PRICE: €249.61 €198.80
09 January 2020

The heated tops produced by POLAR SEAL are created with breathable, elastic, lightweight textiles.  This is the reason top heats are an excellent choice for sportive and adventurous users! The optional thumb holes make these tops suitable for the freezing days. The difference of the heat tops come from many and tiny details, but the appearance remains minimalistic.   

A hidden power bank pocket, the chosen fabrics and the LED-lit control buttons, make the product a top choice! One can activate an upper back or a lower back heating, separately or the same time. Even if you wear your gloves, you can control the temperature buttons which are shockproof and water resistant

External Details: 

  • Adjustable collar zipper
  • Optional thumb holes
  • Flexible and lightweight fabric
  • LED-lit Control Buttons