HYDRO_BOT: Now You’re in Control by KJUS

HYDRO_BOT: Now You’re in Control by KJUS


HYDRO_BOT: Now You’re in Control by KJUS

05 March 2020

Hydro Bot is maybe the first wearable technology ski jacket. It gives you the opportunity to control your sweat with the touch of a button!

While you enjoy a ski day, the jacket promises to keep you dry and warm so you can perform your best. By actively pumping out moisture from inside the jacket to the outside, the electronic HYDRO_BOT membrane protects you from the dreaded, post-activity chill caused by trapped moisture. At up 10x more efficient at removing unwanted moisture than ordinary membranes, HYDRO_BOT is the only technology that can match the sweat rates of the human body.

Hydro Bot consists of a breathable membrane. The membrane's pores actively pump sweat out of the jackets at incredible speed using electro-osmosis

The features of the jacket will surprise you!

  • The Hydro Bot keeps you mostly dry and comfortable
  • It’s a superb ski jacket even without the electronics
  • Looks the part
  • Smart sweat management
  • Electro-osmosis
  • Body-zoned
  • Weather independent
  • Matches your sweat rate
  • Enhanced ski experience
  • Mobile app controlled