Smart Rope Pure by Tangram

Smart Rope Pure by Tangram

PRICE: $ 59.95

Smart Rope Pure by Tangram

PRICE: $59.95
05 November 2019

Smart Rope Pure is a faster, stronger, and smarter connected cardio workout experience. It's an adjustable length jump rope that stores up to 100 sets of fitness exercise data and syncs to Smart Gym. Smart Gym is Tangram's mobile fitness platform that works seamlessly with Smart Rope. Pairing with Bluetooth 4.0 LE, Smart Gym and Smart Rope communicate to present relevant fitness data you’ll use to train smarter. You can use Smart Rope PURE with or without your phone. You can adjust Smart Rope PURE to your height and desirable jump stance. Charge Smart Rope Pure in only 2 hours to work out for a month and a half - 45 hours of active use.

Size:W30 X H150 X D30 (mm)
Length:300 cm
250 g
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 LE two-way communication with smartphone
Battery: Full charge in 2 hours, 45 hours of use,
Lithium Polymer Battery
Charging Cable Terminal:micro 5 pin 
Length : 20 cm