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Scan Your Body And Understand It Like Never Before With The Naked Home Body Scanner

Are you looking to transform your life, your eating and exercise habits? Perhaps you need to lose some weight, or are simply passionate about exercise and dedicated to fitness? Whatever you aim for, the Naked Home Body Scanner by Naked Labs® can be a great tool for you, aiding you to reach your goals more easily. Naked is a 3D whole-body scanner that will just help you see and understand your body like never before.

By purchasing the Naked Home Body Scanner, you get a 360o rotating scale and a full-length connected mirror, both using WiFi/Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), as well as a free application that runs on iOS and Android platforms. Naked works by combining stereovision with Intel® RealSenseTM Technology. All sensors (depth sensors, sensors for weight and motion detection) use infrared light, and together with the processor that is in the mirror, generate a 3D model of your body that you can then further explore. The Naked Full Body Scanner runs a proprietary algorithm in order to calculate your body fat percentage, muscle mass, and fat mass, with a deviation of +/- 2.5%. To achieve this, it relies on a variety of metrics that include the circumference of your shoulders, chest, stomach, waist, hips, upper and mid-thighs, calves, and upper arms. The way your body is represented is remarkably accurate, as data is collected from 4 million points, resulting in an accuracy of 5 mm.


The Naked Full Body Scanner displays side-by-side past and present images of your body, raw data, and statistics, to show how your body is changing over time. It generates charts and graphs and follows your journey, allowing you to recognize trends and patterns that occur over time, for it keeps records of all measurements. Your personal trainer or nutritionist, in case you work with one, can review your body scans and graphs in order to track your changes and progress, adjust your exercise routine or modify your nutrition plan respectively and set new challenges. Or you can choose to remotely connect with one of the top trainers who have joined forces with Naked Labs® and follow their personalized workout, eating and muscle recovery suggestions for you.

So what are you waiting for? Just ditch your traditional scale and make an investment on the Naked Full Body Scanner, that you can then use as often as you wish and at the convenience of your home. Closely observe your body changing as you strive to improve your physical form and overall health quality. Naked will guide you to a deeper understanding of your body, a step for better self-care which is in turn guaranteed to bring numerous benefits to your everyday life.