Gadget Battles

It's Camping Time! 5 Awesome Camping Gadgets for Your Adventures

Everyday routine, work pressure, anxiety, always running out of time make depression knocking my life's door. Nothing can be compared to a short weekend in nature.  Yeah!!! I’m gathering my friends and go for camping adventures… At last! Fresh air, crystal clear waters, sandy paths. I’m taking 5 minutes to rest and enjoy the view on my travel portable seat.

SitGo – Portable Travel Seat


    StiGo is the perfect solution for everyone who requires standing without a place to sit and enjoy the view. Extended Length Adjustment from 25" to 33". Holds up to 300lbs direct weight. Weighs just 1.5 lbs. A lightweight gadget for you!

    Walking in the forest has opened my appetite, it’s lunchtime after all!  But first I have to light the fire with my super mini Flash Torch…

    FlashTorch Mini


    This incredible mini flash torch can produce 2300 lumens of intense white light. You will use it to light a fire or to find your camp tent into the woods.

    C4 Portable Grill


    This small built like a tank grill is perfect to prepare your outdoor meals. You will love how practical it is. It’s like a multifunctional tool; Yakitori grill, steak searing machine, storage container, and portable fire pit. Awesome!

    As the day goes by I can feel the happiness that Mother Nature provides. My companion is smiling with gratitude. Even my multi-function friend, my cell phone, is totally satisfied in its Thermal Capsule, secured from heat and floating.

    Phoozy Thermal Capsule


    Discover the PHOOZY thermal capsule that gives to your phone the right protection from heavy duty usage and possible difficult situations you might find during your outdoor activities.

    One of the most enjoyable moments of our camping adventure is when all friends gather at night making jokes and laugh.

    Biolite BaseLantern XL


    Meet BaseLantern XL and welcome light and smart technology into your camping night activities. You can customize the lighting according to your mood and create the atmosphere you like.